How To Find Courage Within

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A Framework To Find Your Inner Strength

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Inner Strength

When the days look dull, and the nights get gloomy,
When the path feels long and the mind gets stormy.
Look within, and you shall find infinite power,
To move with force and stand tall to the mighty tower.

The struggles of life, moments of harshness & strife,
Carry on, for the angels far above will take you.
To a land so mystical, without any sorrow or pain,
And a life of bliss, like happiness and merriment you gain.

Human Life Is Painful

Human life is fundamentally painful, and we have to suffer as we live through it. There are several periods where we go through disappointments, dejections, unhappiness, and sorrow. In such phrases, we tend to blame our circumstances and lose faith in ourselves. We tend to blame our inadequacies for the failures we have suffered throughout our life. A sad gloom starts to befall us, and our minds begin to become negative.

In such trying circumstances, it is critical to believe in oneself and stand tall against the pain. We must believe in ourselves, “look within,” and find the energy within to fight back. God gives us the power to fight when He throws us into trying circumstances. We must believe in the strength of the human mind and fight it to the core. Life is a game, and we are players in it. We have some strengths and weaknesses, and the tests we face are temporary phases within the annals of history.

Courage & Stoicism

“You have power over your mind―not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ― Marcus Aurelius.

The stoics believed in not worrying about what was outside our control. When you are faced with a difficult situation — financial debacle, a failed venture, a life-threatening illness, etc., you cannot control the outcome. However, you can manage your response to it. You can enter either the Flight Mode or the Fight Mode. The stoics believed in assessing every situation and responding to it with courage.

Here is the framework that I use to find my inner strength:

Three Ways To Help Develop Courage. Courtesy: Instagram.

Find your WHY

To find your inner strength, you need to find your WHY. You need to understand what motivates you and why you wish to go through the pains. Some people want to remove poverty; some want to connect the world, some want to eradicate cancer, some want to go to Mars, etc. Find your inner WHY. Once you do that, you will have much more clarity when faced with fears. You will be able to stand tall and fight them out.

Start With Why By Simon Sinek. Courtesy: YouTube.

Face your fears

There is no better way to face your fears than by facing your fears. If you are afraid of heights, go to the highest building near your house; if you are fearful of water, learn how to swim; fear public speaking, take a public speaking course, etc. We build mental blocks in our heads. These mental blocks serve the evolutionary purpose of preventing us from danger. However, we cannot distinguish a situation that has no threat from the one that has one. Once you go through your fears, you will realize you are much more substantial.

Beautiful Minds Are Free From Fear. Courtesy: YouTube


Meditation has many, many benefits. Meditation helps you clear your mind and creates space for self-reflection. When the noise clears away, what remains is your true self. The fears deep down your mind come face to face with the courage you have within. Sometimes, you can see through the obstacles and understand that they are just creations of your mind. Meditate to develop your inner strength, and you will be able to overcome every obstacle in life.

All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes By Andy Puddicombe. Courtesy: YouTube.

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