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Ravi Tandon
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Finding the right guide to your career.

As I have progressed through my professional journey, I have realized that the major breakthroughs in one’s career can come through a good mentor. While finding a good mentor could be hard, the effort is worth it and can lead to long-term benefits.

Characteristics of a good mentor 🤔🤔

a) He/she understands your context, your career journey well enough.
b) He/she can empathize with the problems you are going through.
c) He/she is significantly experienced than you, or someone whom you can look up to.
d) He/she can make time (a couple of hours per month) and discuss problems with you.

Finding a good mentor 💭 🤔

a) Reach out to your network, and talk to your managers.
b) Reach out to your alumni, who might be willing to mentor you.
c) Send cold emails to people you admire and on whose judgment you can rely on.

Role of a good mentor

Some of the important roles that a mentor plays are as follows:

a) Help open up new opportunities.
b) Help navigate difficult decisions in your career.
c) Act as a guide, and a supporting system when you are going through difficult times.

📚 A highly recommended read is “Trillion Dollar Coach” by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle. The book tells the story of Bill Cambell who coached some of the biggest #entrepreneurs of our generation such as Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google), and Steve Jobs (Apple), etc, and helped build multiple trillion-dollar industries.

🤗 If anyone is interested in mentorship and thinks I could help them out, I would be more than willing to engage in long-lasting #career discussions in #technology. Feel free to find a 30-minute slot on my calendar here.



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