Three Ways To Learn Productively

How To Be Efficient In Learning

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The tree of knowledge is forever by you,
With the flowers, leaves, raindrops, and dew.
Those who value, find the fruits, and savor,
And grow like trees in the garden of nature.

An old proverb says: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Learning and gaining knowledge are of utmost importance in our lives. Learning opens up possibilities that we do not exist. In today’s world, it is effortless to learn something new and grow. We have numerous resources available to us.

Lifelong learning is an important skill to cultivate in our life. We live in a fast-moving world. New technologies disrupt the currently existing technologies very quickly.

“”A Mind That Doesn’t Learn Resembles A Lake With Static Water.”

Books Are The Window To The World

Books are a great source of education. We get to interact with the greatest thinkers of the past through books. Furthermore, books have a high knowledge density. They are distillations of a life’s knowledge of a human being. What can take us a lifetime to learn can be learned from a book in a few hours.

“When We Realize That We Know Only A Small Speck Of Knowledge, Education Begins.”

The above is a profound teaching of Bhagavad Gita. Knowledge comes from humility. Knowledge comes from truth. Knowledge comes from acknowledgment. You start on the path of actual knowledge when you accept that you know very little. The planet we inhabit is 4.543 billion years old. Yes, you read it right. Our ancestors evolved about six million years ago, and humans evolved around 200,000 years ago. Your life is 100 years (at the very best). We have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge of religion, sciences, nature, the human body, the mind, etc. No human can genuinely acquire that level of wisdom. However, we can make continuous efforts to understand the world better. You can start today.

Talk To Experts

A valuable technique of learning something fast is by talking to experts in the field. An expert is someone who may have spent multiple decades analyzing an area and understands every aspect of it. Even if it is hard to find the experts directly, you can read the articles that these experts publish for everyone to read. We also have access to experts through digital media (such as YouTube, Podcasts, etc.) in today’s world. These are invaluable resources to get access to the experts.

Be A Teacher

While learning for ourselves is critical, it is also essential to help impart knowledge to those less fortunate than us. A teacher knows more by teaching than the student does. As we teach, we keep growing the garden of knowledge. In turn, this has an exponential impact since the students can then become teachers themselves. Teaching is a gratifying experience and is one of the most critical building blocks of human civilization.

To summarise, the three ways to acquire knowledge are as follows:

  1. Read books and watch educational content on digital media.
  2. Talk to experts in the field that you admire.
  3. Teach topics that you want to learn to become better at them.




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